About the organization:

  • Q: What is the MPG PhDnet?
    A: It’s a community of PhD Students of all Max-Planck-Institutes which represents their interests and organizes various activities (more information)
  • Q: How much does it cost?
    A: The Conference Fee is 70 Euro. Food and accomodation are included!
  • Q: Who pays for the conference fee?
    A: Your institute should cover the conference fee, the Max-Planck-Society supports this Interdisciplinary Event. Get in touch with us if any problem occurs.
  • Q: Will I get a certificate of payment / participation?
    A: Yes / Yes !
  • Q: Who are the people behind the organization of this conference?
    A: Oh, that’s kind of you to ask! We are Katrin from the MPI for Experimental Medicine in Goettingen, Mar from the MPI for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Johannes from the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Science, and Marios from the MPI for Radio Astronomy in Bonn. It is nice to make your acquaintance!
  • Q: Is this an annual event?
    A: Yes! The PhDnet has organized this interdisciplinary meeting for the last several years.(find the previous events here) If you are interested in being actively involved in the organization of the next interdisciplinary meeting don’t hesitate to contact us!

About the concept:

  • Q: I have an idea for a talk/poster, but I am not sure whether it fits in here.
    A: Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you find a good topic.
  • Q: Can I present my PhD-Thesis?
    A: Only if a) you have the ability to present your thesis in a language that everybody can understand (i.e. avoiding technical terminology) and b) if you can connect it to everyday science!
  • Q: Come one, lets be honest, do I really need to say something about everyday science?
    A: It might come as a surprise but yes you do! And it is much simpler than you think. Just take a step back and take an outsider’s look on your work. What are the connections to everyday life? You will be surprised!
  • Q: Who is going to participate?
    A: Interesting people from all different institutes of the Max-Planck-Society!
  • Q: I have a really cool idea for the conference / conference programme / social events!
    A: First of all, that’s not even a question! But we’ll let it slip this time. But seriously, that’s great! Please contact us ASAP! We will be thrilled to hear from you.

About accommodation and food:

  • Q: Where do I stay overnights?
    A: We (the hostel) offer accommodation  for all participants. No additional costs, it is included in the conference fee!
  • Q: What do I eat?
    A: We have striven to provide you with enough food to keep you alive and happy throughout the day. Breakfast will be offered in the hostel, lunch in the institute, and dinner in a nice restaurant and in the shadow of the biggest radio telescope in Europe (for Friday and Saturday respectively). Midnight snacks will NOT be provided…
  • Q:I will be bringing my boyfriend, girlfriend, grandmother, beloved pet parrot Patsie along. Will you provide accommodation and food for them too?
    A: No, in principle not! However, please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate for your guest.